Ken and Chris Snyder

Thanks for joining the discussion today at FMCparenting!

Discussion Time Guidelines:

  • contribute- transparency provides courage for others.
  • be honest- share the full story so people can know you.
  • be thoughtful of others – let others have time to speak too.
  • be kind – if you disagree with someone, talk one on one, in love:)

1. In light of the life-on-life strategy of Deut 6 (at home, journeying, rising up, laying down), which of these areas are natural connections for you, and which is an area that could be strengthened?
2. How integrated is your family (in comparison to silo living, everyone living their own lives)? What is something you can do this week to encourage/strengthen greater integration?
3. Who are (or could be) your parental allies? How do you (or can you) encourage those connections with your children?